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DAGBOK från verklighetenPosted by Denise Konsultanten Vestin Sun, September 02, 2018 11:41:57
What a summer!
1.) developed some courses.
2.) learned how to use Prezi
3.) went to beyond the Polar Circle
4.) listened to Khen-Chen Chödrag's teachings
5.) photographed Lotta and Robin's wedding
6.) started freelance photography project with friend Gabi von Post
7.) in the midst of it all - photographing a cookery book
and the BEST:
8.) my beautiful daughter Bianca's wedding to Fred:

And now - a Kick-off with my amazing company ProgressLead - here a picture my hi-spirited boss Mattias:

(This is an incredibly fun place to work!)

-- and the BIG WORK-SURPRISE: I got a new title : Regional Manager Stockholm. I have lots to learn, lots of experience to add and feel confident that my immediate boss, Andreas (picture below) will provide enough input so that I can pursue the right stuff. LOVE my new lease on life!

and yes - these are my pictures... For more private stuff, check out my photography blog on denizen.se.
Full force - UPWARDS and OUTWARDS!

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